I was anxious about going on my first retreat, but once I arrived and met all the staff and other participants I knew I was in safe hands and I was going to enjoy myself. Liz, Karen and Steph were so lovely. I felt like I was away with women I had known for years. They were so easy to talk to and be around and were incredibly supportive. They all have such a warm, calm and kind nature which helped create a really beautiful and safe environment. The craft that was planned was fantastic. I have wanted to try making polymer clay jewellery for a long time, so I was very excited that this was one of our craft activities. I loved every minute of it and wished the session went a little longer, or would have liked to have kept playing with the clay once the session finished. When I saw that we were going to be decorating our own Venetian masks I thought it was an odd activity, BUT.. I loved! I loved seeing everyone’s creative genius come out and seeing the final product at our last supper. The accommodation was lovely and the surrounding property was one of the most beautiful countrysides I’d ever seen. It has everything.. creek, river, lake, natural springs, mountains, stunning trees like magnolias and red cedars, birdlife and deer! What a shame we didn’t get to see a deer. But I loved hearing their unusual sound at night. Liz’s knowledge of the property and it’s history was wonderful and I loved going on the walks either on the property or to the waterfall. Liz’s love of nature really was infectious. It gave me a much needed gentle reminder of how being out in nature can be so healing. Thank you so much Liz, Karen, Steph, (names removed)  for the most amazing experience. You are all incredible women and I am in awe of your kind hearts, brilliant sense of humours, your courage and your strength in life. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with me.

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