I have been on many STA locations with Liz and each and every time I experience new things in a
positive, supported environment.

Every day I wake up feeling excited about the day ahead,
knowing Liz is there to support me to experience life away from my home bubble.

I love how Liz and her team also experience the getaway together so you feel like a part of a
group as a whole.

You don't feel like a participant and a company, you feel like a group together taking in experiences.


I have achieved a lot of my goals and also gone beyond my expectations of what I thought I was
possible of doing.


Since joining My Support Hub I feel so much confident and accepted that I am now proud of
my disabilities.


This retreat really is about connecting more to your body


I feel like I am able to get out and do things myself now.


Thank you for looking after my client (sic) and her family. Other Respite places wouldn’t have
looked after them like you did.

Support coordinator

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