WOMEN’S RETREAT – for creatives- Colour Me Autumn

Rainforests in Autumn


Colour Me Autumn

We are excited to re- visit our beautiful retreat site during Autumn, where we continue to offer a fusion of new craft skills, mindfulness, wellness activities, nature walks and a touch of history.

We return to the splendid Autumn colours on our 100 acre property, immersed in nature. The craft table is always set up, but we love to help you explore the therapeutic effects of nature, mindfulness and gentle exercise. We have 100 acres to ourselves, a river to relax by and lots of walking opportunities. The waterfalls will be sparkling and the golden hue of the garden will be a splendorous sight.

Art Focus: Nature Journalling- make your own journal


Mobility: One room is wheelchair accessible, but some mobility is required. Please note our property is not FULLY accessible for wheelchairs.


Our Program – Client focused & Strength-Based

My Support Hub uses trauma-informed practices to provide a safe and nurturing haven for people with disabilities. Our approach is about re-connecting with nature, others and ourselves in a joyful, mindful and healthy way.

This customized retreat offers a selection of the following activities/therapies that promote mindfulness, movement and connections with others, nature and ourselves. Once EOI are taken, you will have an input into the final program.

– Movement
– Waterfall and rainforest walks
– Mindful Creations
– Creative workshops
– Nature Therapy

Our final program is dependent upon DHHS guidelines & restrictions due to COVID
Maximum of Four Women Only

What else is on offer at our Autumn retreat?

– Luxury accommodation where every guest has a private room

– Beautiful outdoor environs coupled with custom set up craft/art spaces & a Swimming Pool

– Healthy Eating 

COST: Provided upon receipt of a no-obligation expression of interest


– All experiences & Activities
– Healthy Meals
– Private Room
– Guided Walks & Supported Activities
– Transport

This retreat is perfect for you if:
– You can manage with 1:4 support (most support is 1:2)
– You are wanting to step out of your comfort zone, just a little bit, with similarly minded & supportive women.
– You are interested in immersing yourself in nature & exploring its healing powers.
– You are interested in joining with other women in exploring self-care through; creativity, mindfulness, movement, connecting with others &

NB final cost is dependent upon your individual support needs.

Please contact us to discuss your accessibility needs.



May 21 - 24 2024


All Day

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