My Support Hub is a service where people with a disability can access inclusive experiences that are designed to strengthen connections with others, themselves and nature.

We do this through recreation, adventure, respite and nature therapy.

  • We help you try new things.
  • We create communities of people who share your passions.
  • We help you access the community, new places & nature.
  • We help you on your well-being journey.
    We help build capacity
  • We run accessible & inclusive recreational groups
  • We design individualized programs for you and/or your family.
  • We run Respite (Short Term Accommodation) retreats for just you, your family or with other like minded people.
  • We run accessible, trauma informed Women’s retreats at our magical 100 acres of nature.

If you have an NDIS (Self Managed/Plan Managed) plan or are supporting someone who is please CONTACT US



Let me tell you a bit about myself and how My Support Hub came into being.

It is a bit of a long story…so settle in.
I am a Mum, teacher, Outdoor Educator, traveller, and a lover of nature.

Travel has always fed my soul and so in between work and parenting two boys solo, I have essentially travelled the world by foot, kayak, motorcycle, skis and bicycle.

My latest defining trip was motorcycling from Australia to Iran over 18 months. Yep I rode a motorbike pretty much everyday for 18 months! But by far, my most soul feeding trip was a 10 week kayaking trip on the length of the beautiful Murray River.

10 weeks of uninterrupted immersion in the life of a river was my kind of bliss.

So how is this all relevant to My Support Hub and my work in the field of disabilities? It is pretty simple.. it was on these travels that I was continually reminded that all people, the world over, pretty much want the same things in life.

People want to feel safe.

People want their children to be safe.

People want their children to have access to quality education and will do anything to make sure they get it.

People want a future.

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Being invited home by some of the poorest people in the world, and by people who have experienced incredible trauma, taught me many things. Mainly, I learnt that happiness and wellbeing isn’t found in the collection of material belonging or by just keeping busy.

We all know that right? What I found was people, who in spite of trauma and poverty, had built strong communities of people who care for others.

I mean really care for each other.

I found people who cared for me and my welfare even though I wasn’t in their family! Their compassion and hospitality was something I had never experienced before.

Becoming a mother is a different story.

I just wanted the people in my children’s lives to care for them as I did; to care for them like I, as a teacher, had cared for other people’s children.

Unfortunately, this didn’t always happen. As a Mum, I learnt that diversity isn’t always celebrated. Such a tough lesson for a parent.

I saw that our communities had lost the sense of genuine care for each other that I had witnessed in so many developing countries where the old, the young and the vulnerable were cared for by everyone in the community.

So here we come to the point of this story..thanks for reading this far.

It became a mission of mine to be the world I wanted to see.

My Support Hub is the bringing together of my life experiences, skills, qualifications and life philosophy.

My Support Hub is a philosophy that was born upon the idea of strengthening connections within our community, with ourselves and with our nature.

So imagine yourself or someone you know, enjoying one of our experiences that provides safety in connections.

I invite you to flourish in play, curiosity, creativity, spontaneity and nature.

Still not sure? Check out the Compliments page that makes my heart sing.

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